Saskatoon Amateur Radio Club
High Altitude Balloon

Steady as she goes

Launched Saturday, June 4, 2011
SARC Home Station
Alvin Buckwold School
715 East Drive

It wasn't a cold winter but at least it was long.

The primary purpose of this flight will be to test a new stabilization system for our camera payload.  We are using a sun sensor to sense the direction the payload is pointing.  Using that, it will try to point in pre-programmed directions throughout the flight.  This system will also attempt to reduce or eliminate any spin in the payload, hopefully giving us better pictures and video.

Well, that was interesting.

SABRE-12 wasnít without itís problems but it made it off the ground and eventually back down safely. Ground winds over 25km/h made the launch pretty difficult but a quick run with the payload got it off the ground. Unfortunately one the control air foils was broken off during launch. Despite this, the flight was great success. Our military surplus balloon reached over 96,000 feet before bursting, our 3rd highest altitude. The two APRS trackers worked flawlessly. Gordís pointing and stabilizing payload worked great considering is was missing half its air foil. The recovery was an adventure because it landed in a 135 kv, 3 phase power line. We had to wait for several hours for SaskPower to dispatch an aerial truck to safely remove it from the lines. Amazingly, none of the electronics was harmed.

Predicted Flight Path

Actual Flight Path

The view from over 95,000 feet up.