Saskatoon Amateur Radio Club
High Altitude Balloon

Unger Control

Launched Saturday, September 10, 2011

The primary purpose of this flight will be to test another updated version of the stabilization system for our camera payload.  Gord has migrated everything to an Arduino Nano which gives him must more flexibility and capability when writing the program.  We are using a sun sensor to sense the direction the payload is pointing.  Using that, it will try to point in pre-programmed directions throughout the flight.  This system will also attempt to reduce or eliminate any spin in the payload, hopefully giving us even better pictures and video. On SABRE-13, we also added a 6 foot bamboo balance pole to help dampen the rotation.  It worked so well that we plan to use a 10 foot one on this flight.  Upgrades to the video cameras should give us reliable video from the entire flight.

Predicted Flight Path

Final Flight Path