Saskatoon Amateur Radio Club
High Altitude Balloon

Déjà vu all over again.

September 28, 2008
08:00 Local (1400 UTC)

Burst Video

18 Seconds after burst, the remnants of the balloon are caught on video.

The round lake immediately to the right of the balloon is the final landing site. 
We landed 100 metres from the left edge of the lake and only 5 km from the site of SABRE-3.

With very little air resistance to slow them, at this point the payload and balloon
remnant are descending at between 80 and 100 km per hour.


Winter is rapidly approaching and we have just enough helium left for one flight, so it's time to plan our last flight of the season.  SABRE-1, 2 and 3 reached altitudes of 70 to 81 thousand feet.  With SABRE-4 we hope to break the 100,000 foot barrier.  We've removed all non-essential modules and are using a smaller capsule, lightening our payload to 2/3 of SABRE-2 and just over 1/2 of SABRE-3.  The exact launch date hasn't been set but we expect it will be in September.  Keep checking this page for updates.

SABRE-4 will contain 2 independent APRS trackers, a still and video camera and a 220 MHz micro beacon.  VE5AA-11 is an Opentracker 1 with an external temperature probe.  The VE5AA-11 module also contains a Sparkfun Electronics Logomatic data logger which will record all the data from its GPS.  VE5AA-11 uses an SRB-MX146 transmitter and is powered by 4 CR-123 lithium cells.  VE5AA-12 is a Byonics Microtrack 300 and is powered by 6 AA lithium cells.  Both trackers are using Garmin GPS18 receivers.  Both trackers are using vertical antennas hanging below the payload, each with a single horizontal counterpoise.  The radiating and counterpoise elements are made from old guitar strings.  The camera module contains two modified Polaroid iZone 300 digital camera, one for still one for video.  Each has been modified with a larger internal battery and connectors to interface with the controller.  The 220 beacon is made by ComSpec and uses a simple horizontal antenna element protruding from the side of the payload.  The receiver is a commercial unit borrowed from a local company.  The pictures below show SABRE-4 it along with the capsule used on SABRE-1, 2 and 3.

Front View

Right Side

Left Side


Internal View (Click to see larger picture)

Burst Video

Payload Images

Payload Video 1

Payload Video 2